Stimulus Award Momentum Growing Quickly, Latest Take is $160 Million

3/4/10 at 9:55 AM by Joan Engebretson

The National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA) has announced 23 more funding recipients under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The total value of the awards announced March 2 is more than $160 million.

Fifteen of the awards went for broadband infrastructure, while six were for public computing centers and two were for sustainable broadband adoption. All awards were grants with applicant-provided matching funds.

The largest recipient in this announcement was Level 3 Communications, which won individual broadband infrastructure grants in six states with a total value of $14 million. The grant to Level 3 will support the construction of network access points to its existing broadband network in California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee and Texas.

The smallest award was a public computer center grant for $176,000 to the Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority to expand the capacity of one public computer center and create an additional center at two public housing sites.

Other states where project funding was announced include Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin and West Virginia. The Iniciative Tecnolegica Centro Oriental in Puerto Rico also won a grant.

In a press release announcing the awards, NTIA Administrator Lawrence Strickling said “the strongest proposals are the ones that have taken a truly comprehensive view of the communities to be served and have engaged as many key members of the communities as possible in developing the projects.”

For a detailed summary of these latest awards go to:


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